Creative Commons

Kelly’s first collection is available as a free download under the Creative Commons license. Stranger Things Happen was put up when Magic for Beginners was published and Magic for Beginners was put up when Pretty Monsters was published. (Magic for Beginners was taken down when the rights were resold.)

Here’s a link to the Creative Commons site as well as an answer cribbed from Kelly’s FAQ page on why she like putting books and stories online:

Q: Why do you put some of your stories up online for free?

KL: A couple of reasons. One: I have an inordinate and overpowering dread that someone will buy my collection and only then discovering they hate my fiction. That whole cow/milk/free thing? Cows—I mean books, they’re expensive! Even Ben and Jerry’s gives away some free ice cream once in a while.

Some of the stories I’ve put up online are stories we’ve released under the Creative Commons copyright. I’m doing this so that if someone reads them and wants to make a piece of music about one of the characters, they can. You could also write some fan fiction or make one of my stories into a comic book. Or a play. Or put a line from one of the stories on a T-shirt. As long as you’re not charging money for it.